Adjust Your Thermostat

Experts are now telling us that one of the largest consumers of energy in every household is the heating and cooling system. Everyone wants to feel comfortable at all times in their own home and when living in extreme temperatures that sometimes means cranking the heat or blasting the air conditioning. But this is something that we should all be conscious of. Energy usage does not only affect our pocketbooks but also the greenhouses gases that are entering the atmosphere all around us. Here are some tips for controlling the temperature in your home more efficiently.

The first rule is to not regulate the temperature in an empty house. Most people know to turn down the heat or turn off the air conditioning when they're going away for a week but the same should apply when everyone's at work during the day or at school. You don't want to completely turn off the heat in the winter because that risks freezing the water pipes but it doesn't need to be warmer than fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit when no one's home.

Most people like to have their home around seventy degrees but you can save a lot of energy by just turning the dial by a few degrees each season. In the winter there are lots of people who find that they can be quite comfortable in a home that is around sixty-six degrees. And in the summer you could likely have it as high as seventy-five. Don't all of a sudden switch to this lower or higher temperature in your home though if you're trying to make a change. Change the temperate by one degree every week and you will likely find that you barely notice the difference.

To go even further with your energy savings turn the thermostat down another five degrees when everyone in the house is sleeping and turn it up again while you're getting ready in the morning. If you're using air conditioning in the summer try to only use it during the day and open the windows at night. Those living in a condo on high floor will usually find that there is enough of a breeze to keep you cool while you sleep. You could also have a fan pointing at your bed.

Once you have instituted all of these changes at home you should see what you can do about applying them at the office as well. Whether you're working in a large office building or a small store you will find that you can really make a difference by suggesting a change. After all, they likely wouldn't mind the additional savings either. You can always speak with the heating and cooling pros from Broom's HVAC about options for your home. They can be reached at 3440 Fairview St. in Burlington, ON or you can call with your questions today at 905-634-7701. They can help you get warm or cool in no time.

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Monday, March 27, 2023