Metal Roofing

For the average homeowner, metal roofing is something that's only used in third world countries to cover shanties in the slums. They would never consider using it on their real estate in North America (or so you would think). If you're renovating your home and are thinking of putting in a new roof, you might be surprised to learn that metal roofing is one of the options you should consider. We'll go over some of the pros and cons of metal roofs and how they're installed so you can get an idea of whether it's something you'd want to do.

Metal roofs are commonly called tin roofs, but they're not made of tin at all, at least not these days. Some older properties might have actual tin roofs, but it's much more likely that you'll see metal roofing made out of aluminum, copper, or galvanized steel. Metal roofing comes in sheets or tiles, corrugated and uncorrugated, so you can choose the metal roofing product that is right for your project. Different metals and coatings are available so you can effectively choose the color of your roof.

Image of a metal roof on a home

Metal roofs have many advantages. They're lighter, more durable, and more resistant to the elements than shingle roofs. Snow and rain slide right off them. Sparks and fire won't set them alight. They bend and reform in earthquakes. And they're more green than shingles because metal is recyclable. Metal roofs last fifty to more than 100 years, and with reflective coatings on them, metal roofs are more energy efficient than the shingle roofs on the average house.

One of the disadvantages to getting a metal roof is that the nicer metal roofs, such as the aluminum ones that won't corrode, are more expensive than tar paper and shingle roofs. Another problem with metal roofs is that they absorb and retain heat, which can lead to buyers hesitating on your home sale because of a noisy roof. It also means you'll have to put more money into ensuring proper insulation and air circulation in the attic and into reflective coatings for the metal.

One of the neat things about metal roofing is that when you install it, you don't need to remove your old roof first. You can install it directly over top. As far as maintenance goes, some roofs will occasionally need to be re-coated with anti-corrosive paint or reflective paint. Some metal roofs have guaranteed lifetime coatings, which is a great fact to put in a real estate listing.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2023