Organizing the Garage

Imagine you're coming home from a long day at work in the winter time, commuting from your job in any and all types of weather. Traffic has been bad and you can't wait to pull into the warmth of your garage and start shaking off the day. As you pull up the driveway, though, you suddenly remember that there is, in fact, no room in your garage for your car.

That situation is pretty familiar to dozens of households. Most of us end up using the garage as a spare room, where we store all manner of goods, from kids clothing they have outgrown (buy new from this website), to the crocheted blanket you made during university. They also tend to act as catch all places of waste disposal, and you can find assorted bottles and other types of recycling, different kinds of food, and bags of garbage in there at any given time.

A well kept garage can be a benefit to any house, but one that is too crowded is just another room you don't really feel like looking at. And, if you're thinking of adding your home at VIP condos to a home tour, the shoppers are going to want to see it clean! It's time to start organizing your garage so it can be functional again, and not leave you feeling stressed when you walk through it, but how?

Well first, you should probably start taking some stuff out of the garage. Start with those empty bottles and cans, and you will find you have a bit more space to work with. Take a look at the items inside your garage to see if they really belong there. Putting gardening products out in the shed or shop will clear up some of the clutter. If you've got a box of old ladies handbags that you've been meaning to donate to charity, drop it off or arrange to have it picked up.

Next, go out and buy a few sets of shelves to put things on. The garage is a good place to store recycling, you just need to make sure to keep it in its place. Have shelves dedicated to certain items; pop cans on one set, shoes on another (the one closest to the house door), and so on. Include everyone in the organizing. If it's a team collaboration deciding where things go, others are most likely to stick with that plan.

Now, take all that extra junk you have in your garage and make a trip to the dump. If there's anything really valuable you might want to hold a garage sale, but nine times out of ten it's really not worth the effort. If you're someone who worries about waste water grit removal and dump space, see if you can find any other uses for the "junk". Maybe some of it will turn into creative decorating ideas.

Finally, commit to keeping your garage in good condition. A few extra hooks on the walls can hold your extension cords and other loose items, and make sure you always put things back where you got them instead of throwing them on the floor. Maybe decorate in there a little. Add a picture or some wall word art so that you're more tempted to keep it looking nice.

A well cared for garage can be a first, and important, step in winding down from a busy day. Keeping it organized means being able to use it to its fullest potential.

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Monday, March 27, 2023