Renovating Your Basement

Whether we are talking British Columbia or California homes, one of the most overlooked rooms has always been the basement. Basements tend to be the part of the home reserved for the teenager, or the project minded member of the family. They are out of the way, sometimes so out of the way that they are seldom used, and therefore tend to go unnoticed. In fact, basements can be so overlooked that they don't even need to be finished in order to sell a house!

Despite their traditional place at the bottom of the house as well as the important rooms list, we believe a basement can be an incredibly important part of any home. It can be a lot more than a room where old furniture gets stored, where the wire duct runs uncovered, and where musty smells and strange sounds tend to hold sway. Instead a basement can be a room that becomes the social nerve centre of the house, where people spend most of their time, or even a room that can earn you some additional money.

In this series of articles, we are going to look at how you can transform your basement from a hidden room to one that can add an incredible amount of money to your piece of real estate.

One of the great things about a basement is that generally, it includes a lot of the square footage of a house. That means that in effect, a basement does not just have to be one room. Instead, you can turn your basement into an entirely new living area within your house. That area can include a recreation room, bedrooms, a bathroom, utility rooms, and maybe even a second kitchen area.

What we want to do is help you get started transforming your basement from a seldom used part of the house to a secondary living space, totally realizing all of its potential. The articles in this series are going to contain information about what kind of changes you can make to your basement and how to bring those changes about. We'll talk about tools you may need, from nail guns to jigsaws, that can help you get the job done.

Getting your basement renovated is not just about the project; it is also about the money you can expect to spend while getting the project completed. We would be remiss if we didn't take a look at the different concerns you need to be aware of when fixing up your basement from a monetary point of view. That means you can expect to find some sound advice how to make the changes to your basement at the best price possible.

A quick look through the MLS at houses for sale will mean you come across at least a few homes with unfinished basements. We think that basements are an incredible opportunity to add value to a home, and renovating yours could add more value to the home than you thought possible.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2023